Keeping Aggies Healthy Pledge

It’s up to each of us. Make a difference every day by taking our

Keeping Aggies Healthy Pledge and following these guidelines.

  • I Pledge to Do My Part to Keep Myself Healthy
    • I will monitor myself for symptoms such as a fever, shortness of breath, cough, or a new loss of taste and smell. 
    • I will call Health Services if I develop symptoms of COVID-19 and avoid others until I am evaluated.
    • I will wash my hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water or, use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
    • I will follow all health guidelines whether I am on or off campus, including mask wearing, social distancing and avoiding gatherings where people are not following safety protocols.
  • I Pledge to Do My Part to Keep My Fellow Aggies Healthy
    • I will wear an appropriate face covering that covers both my nose and mouth in campus buildings and, other protective gear as directed.
    • I will maintain appropriate social distancing throughout campus.
    • I will cough and sneeze into my sleeve and wash my hands afterward.
    • I will follow healthy habits guidelines and encourage others to practice healthy habits.
  • I Pledge to Be a Part of Keeping the DelVal Family Strong
    • I will be kind, attentive and helpful to anyone around me who may need support or information on following these guidelines.
    • I will follow our DVU plans and policies regarding COVID-19.
    • I will follow state and local guidance and directives. I will help our community at DelVal be safe by being safe when I am off campus.

I am aware that the University cannot prohibit personal travel, and that my traveling could impact my ability to return to campus.

We're in this together!

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